Thursday, May 13, 2010

SGM Radio Blog’s Top Ten: The Shireys

We are thrilled to share with you these mini-interviews with some great Southern Gospel artists! Check back often to see who is next on the SGM Radio Blog's Top Ten!

The Shireys by Victoria Shirey

My name is Victoria Shirey. I sing with my family's group, The Shireys. Group members consist of myself, my parents, Wayne and Darlene Shirey, and my younger sister, Rachael.

The Shireys’ Top Ten by Victoria Shirey

1. Please tell us the name of your latest recording and your favorite song from that CD. What is the message behind this song?

Our latest recording is titled, The Shireys - Unconditional Love. One of my favorite songs on this project is called, "My Load Has Been Lifted". It talks about how we can get so bound by all the burdens of this life, but when we call on God's name, He lifts that load right off and gives us such freedom.
2. What is one group highlight from the last 12 months?

We signed with Mansion Records out of Branson, MO with Bill Traylor a few months ago.

3. Where is your favorite place to eat on the road?

Oh gosh, that's a tough question. Being that, the places we eat on the road consist of Waffle House, Huddle House, McDonalds, IHOP, and Steak n' Shake; out of those, my favorite is Steak n' Shake.

4. What is your favorite TV series rerun?

I love The Nanny!

5. What is your most favorite technological ‘gadget’?

Oh my gosh, I love gadgets! I guess you could call me a gadget guru. I love them all, but I think if I had to choose one favorite, it would be my blackberry phone. They are always coming up with something newer and cooler than they started off with.
6. What was the best decade for music? Favorite artist from that decade?

I think the 50's was a wonderful decade of music. I love the oldies, and I'm a huge Elvis Presley fan!

7. Who is your favorite Christian author/teacher/evangelist?

I love Tommy Bates and Jentzen Franklin. They are so awesome and so anointed!

8. Who is your most favorite Bible person/character?

I like Esther. I like the boldness she had.

9. What is your favorite Bible verse?

Wow, I have so many. One of my favorites that gets me through a lot is Philippians 4:13.

10. What is the last book you read?

I am actually in the middle of a book right now called Becoming The Woman God Wants Me To Be by Donna Partow.

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