Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Latest News from The Dove Brothers

The Dove Brothers just finished up their latest recording with Sonlite Records. This album features some great songs written by Gerald Crabb (Hey Lazarus), Phil Cross (Preaching In Prison), and McCray Dove penned a couple for this recording (If I Knew Then & I Recall). The Dove Brothers have done it again with a mixture of old and new songs blended in with their Country Gospel flavor that shows their versatility musically and vocally and can still deliver the four part harmony Southern Gospel style. From the new country popish vocals of Jerry Martin to the old country stylings that McCray Dove offers with his vocals and not to forget the low down solid bass performance that David Hester gives with each song. Eric blends it all in and holds it together with his smooth baritone vocals. This combination can do it all with a variety of styles.

The CD UNSHAKEABLE is scheduled to be released by the end of July and the Dove Brothers are already making preparations for the UNSHAKEABLE Tour in the near future. "We are so excited about this new project and the songs that we will perform on this new tour. We are getting ready and getting geared up for the launch of the new recording as well as performing these great songs. We hope you will enjoy what we have worked hard at giving you on the UNSHAKEABLE project. We look forward to coming to a city near you and you having a blast at our concerts. Here is some behind the scenes footage of a session featuring the song Unstoppable. Enjoy! Click here to view.

A Sneak Peak!

Now is your chance to vote for your favorite song off of the latest recording by the Dove Brothers entitled "UNSHAKEABLE". The last time we did this for the Hold On recording it was a huge success in seeing what you the fans wanted to hear on the radio. So we are doing it again. You can vote once a day and we are offering a Sneak Peak of the songs now in the player on our website. Just like last time, your favorite could be the one picked for the first single! So have a great time listening and don't forget to vote!

Band News!

The Dove Brothers are excited about the addition of the band. This 3 piece ensemble comprises of Adam Harman on piano, Marc Peele on the bass and Devin Dove rounding out the band on drums. The band officially started at the Dove Brothers Homecoming event. McCray states, "I remember going to concerts when I was a kid. Southern Gospel music had some of the most talented musicians in any style of music you would ever hear. My family would go early to the concerts because we knew the place would be packed! We wanted a good seat. When we got there and they seated you, we could see all the instruments. The piano, guitars, steel guitar, drums etc. the microphones all in place and you could feel the excitement in the air and all around you throughout the building." We just don't feel that anymore it seems. I also believe it is because we got away from LIVE music. We have left the young people out of our music unless they can sing or drive a bus, we don't have a place for them. If everyone who loves Southern Gospel music wants to see more young people get involved and support it then we say LET THEM PLAY! Give them an opportunity to be apart of our music with the talents that God has given them. If you love live music like we do and want to experience the excitement like it was back in the 70's and 80's era of music, then we believe you will love the next Dove Brothers concert with the addition of Adam, Marc and Devin. Coming to a city near you!

For a COMPLETE & UPDATED tour schedule of the Dove Brothers click here.

Thanks for supporting us and our music!

The Dove Brothers

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