Thursday, March 4, 2010

SGM Radio's Top Ten: The David Hill Trio

We are thrilled to share with you these mini-interviews with some great Southern Gospel artists! Check back often to see who is next on the SGM Radio Blog's Top Ten!

The David Hill Trio…By David Hill

The David Hill Trio hails from the low-country of South Carolina. They have appeared at the Global Evangelism Conference and Sky Angel's Faith and Family-Fest just to name a few. "Our mission is simple...we want to point people to Jesus Christ", David shares.

The David Hill Trio’s Top Ten

1. Please tell us the name of your latest recording and your favorite song from that CD. What is the message behind this song?
"Things We Believe" is the title of our newest CD (not yet released). My favorite song is called "Thank You For The Blood". It's a worship song...thanking the Lord for shedding His precious blood to pay our debt of sin.

2. What is one group highlight from the last 12 months?
We sang at an event in Hiram, GA called "Faith and Family-Fest" that was sponsored by Sky Angel. It was an awesome event that also featured The Nelons and Jeff and Sheri Easter.

3. What is the best city to visit in the US? And…if you’ve been…in Canada? Overseas?
I love to visit Baltimore, that place! In Canada I would say my favorite place is Toronto, Ontario. Other than those two my favorite is an island in the Bahamas called "Spanish Wells". It's a small island that's only 3/4 miles wide and 2 miles long. Incredible place to visit.

4. What is your favorite vacation destination? Favorite vacation activity?
My favorite vacation recently has been St. Louis, MO. My favorite vacation activity is attending a St. Louis Rams home game. Yep, I'm addicted to football.

5. What artist are you listening to right now? Who is in your player?
I've been listening to Sara Groves a lot, I love her music...also a worship leader named Lindell Cooley.

6. What are your thoughts on Spam (the product, not the email)?
I never was a big fan of Spam and I'm still not, quite honestly. The only time I ate it was when I was with The Perrys. Libbi cooked breakfast one day with fried Spam and was incredible! I've tried cooking it like she did but have not been able to duplicate it. Lib, if you're seeing this please come to SC and cook me breakfast?

7. Who is your favorite Christian author/teacher/evangelist?
My favorite Christian author is Frank Peretti. An incredible Christian fiction writer.

8. Who is your most favorite Bible person/character?
Jacob...he was a man in the Bible that messed up so much but God used him greatly

9. What is your favorite Bible verse?
Lamentations 3:22 & 23

10. What is the last book you read?
"The Preacher and the Presidents" about Billy Graham and his relationship with 11 US Presidents. Great read!

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