Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Darling of Heaven

“How sweet to hold a newborn baby, and feel the love and joy he brings…”. This familiar start of a verse to “Because He Lives” by Bill Gaither, attempts to capture some of the emotions experienced by the family and friends when a child enters this world. You can see it on their faces: love, joy, pride and fascination at this new person who is so small and yet so perfect in their eyes. It’s no wonder that new moms and dads come up with all kinds of endearments for this little gift. Sweetheart, Honey Bun, Daddy’s Little Girl…

It makes me wonder what Mary, the mother of Jesus, called the Son of God as she rocked Him to sleep. The Jewish girl would have whispered many things into the tiny ear of the Almighty. One of these might even have been “Yachiyd”, a Hebrew word meaning “Darling”. It is also translated as “only”. And, “only begotten son”. Jesus was not only the only begotten Son of God; He was also the “Darling” of God. The darling of his earthly parents no doubt, and the Darling of His Heavenly Father.

Almighty God knew from the beginning of time that man would fall and the only recompense for this would be the death of His only Son, His Darling. Yet He still chose to create us, love us, reach down and try to commune with us, if we would only see it. But we chose to ignore Him. So eventually, He had to turn to His Only Son and tell Him that it was time to come down into this world that already hated Him. He knew what the result would be. But He knew it was the only way.

Imagine how the Creator felt, seeing one of His creations holding His Darling, wrapped in old cloths, surrounded by animals, housed in a cave. When the Child was learning to walk and fell down, Mary wasn’t the only one wanting to protect Him from being hurt. Through childhood ills and scrapes and into adulthood, His Heavenly Father watched while His Son in all humanity experienced the pain and trials that each of us face. No doubt He longed to have His Darling back with Him as well, but He knew that must wait.

Then came the scene in the Garden, and His Son begging Him to find another way. But they both knew there was no other way. And His Darling yielded His will to His Father’s yet again, beginning the time of pain and torture. His Father watched as His Boy was subjected to all that earth and hell could bring against Him. How His Heart must have broken for all that Jesus was going through. Yet even through this, His Son still asked for forgiveness for all those that caused Him pain.

The most terrible moment in their relationship happened next. As the Son of God allowed the sin of these creatures to be placed on Him, the communion that had existed between Father and Son before the dawn of time was clouded. A Righteous and Holy God cannot exist where sin is found. His Darling feels this separation and calls out, “Daddy, why have you left me?” This pronouncement shakes Heaven and Earth, and the cry of completion from the cross, “It is finished”, ends the earthly life of His Child and end of the domination of sin over His creation.

What joy there was on Mary’s face when she saw the living Christ, her darling, on that first Easter morning. And what joy there must have been in Heaven when Jesus returned from His earthly journey, again to be with His Father. What incredible joy there must have been in the Father’s heart when He again had his Darling Son at His right hand.

To think that He did all this for us. Why? Because He loved us. God loved us so much that He gave His Darling Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not suffer eternal death and separation from Him, but would be able to experience the incredible gift of eternal life. Celebrate that Gift, that Love, this Resurrection Sunday.

By Lorraine Walker
First published on CanChik's Corner March 2005.
Used by permission.


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