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** Weekly 30-Minute Drama airing on over 900 Stations Worldwide **
COLORADO SPRINGS , CO – APRIL 22, 2010 - When A Peep Behind the Scenes was released in 1878, it quickly sold over 2-1/2 million copies. Now in 2010, it has been transformed into a powerful 7-part audio drama that will help reach the hurting and the lost. Masterfully written, produced, and sound engineered with original music scores by the world's leading creatives, Lamplighter Theatre is building Christ-like character one story at a time.
In order to help listeners, churches and pastors fulfill the Great Commission, Lamplighter Theatre will give the full 7-part audio drama of A Peep Behind the Scenes away FREE from May 28 to June 30, 2010 - a $35 value. This is after the series has concluded its initial airing on May 22.
Click to Hear 2-1/2 Minute Outreach Promo from
Lamplighter Theatre host, John Rhys-Davies
“More than any audio drama we have produced to date, A Peep Behind the Scenes represents a powerful, non-threatening opportunity for Christians to reach the hurting, hopeless, and the lost,” says Lamplighter president and founder, Mark Hamby. “We want to do everything possible to make sure this message reaches people who need it. A Peep will touch hurting hearts that don’t yet know Christ, and help struggling believers find their way back to Him.”
Immediate need! Radio stations are encouraged to let their listeners know about this special, limited-time offer. Please direct listeners to where they can click on the web banner for A Peep Behind the Scenes to sign up for the free download. Web banners are also available (links below). For stations that are not already affiliated with Lamplighter Theatre, the entire 7-part series A Peep Behind the Scenes will be made available in May to be aired as a 3-½ hour block, or one episode per night for a week.
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Hear First Episode of A Peep (30-minutes, in 3 parts)
Signup to Air the Weekly Audio Drama, Lamplighter Theatre
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