Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shiloh Welcomes Bassoon Player Braxton Edwards

As we promised a few days back, we have a very special announcement regarding the results of our auditions and about Shiloh's newest member. Well, today is that day! After nearly three months of audition reviews, we are very excited to announce that Braxton Edwards has accepted the opportunity of joining Shiloh.

We have been eagerly waiting to make this announcement, but Braxton is currently the worship pastor at Allen Heights Baptist Church in Allen, Texas. We wanted to make sure that he had the opportunity of personally speaking with his pastor, other staff, and congregation before this announcement was made public. From what we have been told, the announcement came with a great deal of excitement for Braxton, but also sadness at his departure. What a compliment to this young man.

Braxton will join Shiloh full-time when we return from our Alaskan cruise on May 24th. His first tour dates with us will be in Iowa as we celebrate Memorial Day weekend.

We know that you are going to love this young man's character, musical abilities, and his great smile.

This is a difficult transition for any individual, and we know that you all will make this transition easier for him with your prayers on his behalf. If you would like and feel led to do so, you can send Braxton a note of encouragement and welcome at . I am sure that he would also love to read and feel the great notes encouragement and support. It is incredible how you all have provided love and encouragement to all past/present members of Shiloh for 15 years.

In His Grip,

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